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lamppost3Public places are ideal for hanging Chambers ironwork baskets, making any area very attractive. Chambers lamppost baskets (2 sizes), fit up to 6” and 8” lampposts, are vandal resistant and add enormously to street decoration.  They bring the garden right into the street and at a level where everybody can see them.


Chambers lamppost hayracks are clamped together around the lamppost by means of an octagonal bracket set within the flower baskets.  Screws on either side hold the two halves of the flower baskets together and additional screws then tighten the bracket itself on to the lamppost.  The size and strength of the lamppost brackets make it difficult for revelers or vandals to damage them.  In addition, they can be placed well out of reach of people on the ground.  Chambers lamppost baskets are heavily coated with black PVC and will last for many years without any service.


A shopping area, street, or mall beautified with flower baskets makes such locations more attractive to shoppers by creating a safer, more cared-for atmosphere.  This means more business for your community.

25" Lamppost Basket will fit up to 6" posts; 30" Lamppost Basket will fit up to 8" posts.

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TOM CHAMBERS lamppost baskets can also be displayed at Christmas by arranging evergreen boughs and decorations in them or for planting Christmas Trees.


* Each lamppost basket is made up of 2 halves bolted together. Two liners are require per lamppost basket

TCLP 25 basket decorated for Christmas.

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MPS Secret Soaker



TCLP25 25”


Half Tank


TCLP30 30”


Half Tank


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